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Lovely Along the Water

At long last I have returned to continue my adventures on Mount Desert Island. It seems that regular life keeps getting in my way, and I get side tracked and distracted all day long. By the time the evening arrives, I’m bleary eyed and ready to just rest […]

Indian Point Blagden Preserve

The scent of balsam fir, and the flute sounds of the Swainson’s thrush grace my footsteps as I walk down the trail in Indian Point Blagden Preserve on Mount Desert Island, Maine. This moss-filled forest that leads to Western Bay was donated to the Nature Conservancy in 1968 […]

My Stars in Acadia National Park

With the growth of industrialization and human population over the planet, the ability to find a dark sky is becoming even harder and harder. To think that many children are now growing up and aren’t able to see the night sky filled with stars and planets like some […]

Cranberry Cove Ferry

The coastal towns of Maine are dependent on life on the water. With many small islands dotted close to each other, the daily commute involves not a car but a boat. Traveling from Southwest Harbor the Cranberry Cove Ferry is one of the ways one can travel to […]

Beech Cliffs Ladder Trail

The trails in Acadia National Park are numerous and offer a variety of settings and challenges for the day hiker. One of these features I had heard about are the Ladder Trails. The more popular ones are the Precipice and the Bee Hive trails, but there are also […]

Lower Hadlock Pond Trail

It’s been quite a while since I’ve been on the trail, and most certainly when I can take my time instead of the power walking, long distance hiking that my 70 year old friend likes to take me on. While I still have plenty of wonderful Parisian experiences […]

Into the Woods

CINDERELLA & BAKER] Into the woods, It’s time to go, It may be all In vain, you/I know. Into the woods- But even so, I have to take the journey. [CINDERELLA, BAKER & WIFE] Into the woods, The path is straight, You know it well, But who can […]

Seal Cove Auto Museum

On Mount Desert Island in Maine in Seal Cove, located on the ‘quiet side’ of the island is the beautiful and unique Seal Cove Auto Museum. Featuring cars from the Brass Era of 1895 to 1917, this museum was born out of the personal collection of Richard Paine. […]