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Acadia in Green

For some reason, I never manage to get enough of being out in the woods and feeding the mosquitoes. Actually, I always have bug repellent in my car but when I get out, I just don’t bother to put any on as I keep thinking that I’m impervious […]

It is an Honor!

It’s hard to imagine that my post on the Lobstermen of Mount Desert Island was considered worthy enough to be Fresh-Pressed yesterday. Indeed, it my honor to present the lives  of these lobstermen and women who work hard on the waterways throughout Maine’s coast. Many were kind enough […]

Lobstermen of Mount Desert Island

One cannot think of the Maine coast without immediately thinking of succulent bright red Lobsters. Lobster fishing is a long-time tradition among the locals living on Mount Desert Island. A profession that can be quite profitable, also comes with significant risk as so much time is spent on […]

In Search of the Light

Tucked high on a set of cliffs on the quiet side of Mount Desert Island sits the Bass Harbor Lighthouse. Marking the entrance to Bass Harbor, this lighthouse was built in 1858 and stands 56 feet above the water line. Its bright red light shines to sailors safe […]