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Weekly Photo Challenge: Fleeting

  In just moments, the day turns into night. The bright orange and red sun setting behind the mist, leaving the sky to the moon sliver. The waters cool and still with the surrounding life resting from the day. Mount Desert Island, Maine ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ To photograph is to […]

Weekly Photo Challenge: Lost

On Mount Desert Island in Maine, where Acadia National Park is there is a hidden cove. This small harbor is a lobstermen haven. Bass Harbor is authentic Maine with hard working sailors that work the lobster traps so that we can enjoy those delicacies. Arriving in the harbor […]

Brass Horses in Seal Cove, Maine

A hidden secret on Mount Desert Island in Maine is a fantastic antique auto museum that holds some of the most beautiful and artistic brass horses in automobile history. Instead of four legs, these four-wheeled vehicles are true works of art. With brilliant brass fixtures and elaborate passenger […]

Cool Blue Acadia

The world is full of the colors of a rainbow. Red and yellows and pinks and greens, purple and orange and blues. Acadia National Park on Mount Desert Island is no exception. With skiff boats laying on the sand during low tide in the fog, to Bass Harbor […]

Red Hot Acadia

One cannot think of Maine without the word “Lobster” coming to mind. Each time we visit Bar Harbor on Mount Desert Island, it’s a guarantee that a stop at a waterfront lobster and seafood restaurant is in order. Hubby’s favorite place is Stewman’s located right on the harbor […]