Red Hot Acadia

One cannot think of Maine without the word “Lobster” coming to mind. Each time we visit Bar Harbor on Mount Desert Island, it’s a guarantee that a stop at a waterfront lobster and seafood restaurant is in order.

Hubby’s favorite place is Stewman’s located right on the harbor downtown. With a full course order of clam chowder, steamed soft-shell lobster with mussels, corn and potatoes, and finishing off with blueberry pie, it’s the meal of the day for me. The lobsters are fresh steamed upon your order.

And served in these covered cooking pots with fresh drawn butter….yummm!

I can taste the lobster now ! This is a time when bigger is not better. The meat of the smaller soft-shell lobsters are sweet and tender, and it’s easy to get into ! Soft shells are only available locally as they are too delicate to ship live. Because of the bountiful supply of soft-shells this year, they were going for $4.00 per pound.

The restaurant is colorfully decorated with floats for lobster traps. But visiting Maine is not just eating lobster, although for me it practically is.

Getting out and enjoying nature is par for the course as well. Walking along the trail, these red berries dotted the landscape.

And enjoying floating skiffs in the mist in Bass Harbor is a classic Maine scene.

Have a wonderful day ! I’m off to try to find fields of sunflowers. Wish me luck! Bella

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  1. Sunflowers is in french called tournesol, that’s the name of the absent-minded professor of cartoonist Herge’s famous “Tintin” – I wish you luck finding Tournesol… ‘big smile’

    I love you last shot the “former” red boat are just great… πŸ˜‰

  2. Gorgeous reds in your lovely photos and your post reminds me that it has been way too long since I visited Maine! Lobster rolls, fried clams, saltwater taffy and the Kennebunkport beaches – I need another vacation…

  3. I could take some lobster, Emily, but I will have to crabs (if I go to the city/coast) one of these days. The red berries I saw today too, or at least a relative, I think it is called dwarf cornel in english…

    • My guess is that the crabs in your area are so completely different than the crabs we have in Maryland. Yes, Lobster is pretty fabulous so wish I could send you some. Red berries…yum! Summer is over here except for apples and pumpkins.

  4. What a wonderful blog! I happened upon your blog this morning and I’m in Maine heaven – wow! We used to live along the coast in Maine during the 1990’s and loved every minute of it. Acadia was a place we visited often and felt like it was a second home. I can’t wait to spend some time absorbing all your fantastic photographs of Maine and it’s wonderful coastline. I’m savoring every minute ~ Mary

    • I’m so happy that you were able to discover my posts on Acadia. There are a number of them, so hope you were able to really explore and have fond memories. thank you so much for stopping by and hope to see you back soon Mary.

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