Tag: National Park

Harper’s Ferry

An early morning in a quiet historic town where the usual tourists are still sleeping, the roof tops of the old homes stand stoically awaiting a new day. This week I was able to visit Harper’s Ferry twice. It’s a little bit of a drive for me, but […]

The Roaring Waters of Great Falls

From my last post you heard about the unseasonable heavy rains we’ve been having in Maryland and the resulting over flowing waterfalls and streams in the area. Earlier in the week I had made plans to head to Great Falls in hopes of locating a Great blue heron […]

Down on the Farm

There’s a farm down on the river. A farm that few people know about. This historical land situated on the beautiful Potomac River across from Mount Vernon, home of George Washington himself. The National Colonial Farm at Piscataway National Park is located on 200 acres and has a […]

The Old Bridge

The old bridge, strong for over a hundred years. The tales it could tell. Of the babbling brook that flows beneath or of the footsteps that walked above. This bridge, of man-sized stones tightly bound. Even Mother Nature with her attempts, blizzards, earthquakes, heavy rains. The bridge remains […]

Poas Volcano National Park

“Waking Up Our Senses” As you begin your walk towards the main crater, observe the wonders that surround you in this majestic park. Feel the kiss of the brisk mountain breeze, for it will be your constant companion as you explore the beauty of the volcano. Breathe deeply […]

Purple Mountain Majesties

The sloping landscapes of the Shenandoah mountains, come in many different colors. Green, yellow, orange and purple, these majestic mountains sing in beauty. Ray Charles’s rendition of America the Beautiful is the most soulful and heartfelt tribute to these Purple Mountain Majesties. Click on the image above and […]

The Rocks of Old Rag Mountain

Old Rag Mountain in Shenandoah National Park is a geological wonder. I Choose the Mountain Howard Simon The low lands call I am tempted to answer They are offering me a free dwelling Without having to conquer The massive mountain makes its move Beckoning me to ascend A […]

Tweeties in the Mountains

This week’s adventure involved a trip to the mountains. Shenandoah National Park in Virginia is spectacular this time of year and it was time that I go when everything is green. For the past five years, I’ve gone with the Mountain Club of Maryland to hike Old Rag […]