Harper’s Ferry

Harper’s Ferry

An early morning in a quiet historic town where the usual tourists are still sleeping, the roof tops of the old homes stand stoically awaiting a new day.

This week I was able to visit Harper’s Ferry twice. It’s a little bit of a drive for me, but it’s a wonderful place to host a photography class. Now that I’m slowly getting out of my photography slump having a completely new scene really helped re-energize the creativity.

Autumn has barely begun and only the cooler temperatures on Sunday made you feel as if the seasons were changing. All of the trees are still holding onto their green color and those that are dropping their leaves are doing so due to the drought and are brown from the lack of water.

On my first visit I struggled working on some composition concepts and looked and looked and just couldn’t find the shot. But on my second visit I saw captures everywhere! Maybe my little grey cells needed a workout before they began actually working.

It was great be out exploring once more and I’m looking forward to my next adventure.

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  1. Nice to see such a positive posting. Form the look of the shots, you’ve got your mojo back. Really nice!

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