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The Quinoa Fields of Bolivia

Quinoa – a super food from the Andes mountains that is a magical grain and now a hot food product on the international market. This super food is gluten free, low carbohydrate compared to rice and offers 4% protein. How I love Quinoa and what it offers for […]

The Results are In!

Sitting in the Allergy doctor’s office this morning working on a fitness test for my asthma, the blood work results came in from the lab. Remember my episode last week where I nearly bit the dust? Well, my suspicions that I have developed a meat allergy due to […]

Project 365/158 – Jerry’s Strawberries

A fabulous summer extravaganza. The 23rd annual Strawberry festival held at the Benson Hammond House in Linthicum, Maryland offers food, music, crafts and historic home tours. How many ways can a strawberry be served? Fresh strawberries, strawberries dipped in chocolate, strawberry shortcake, strawberry jelly and jams, and best […]