2013 Project 365

Project 365/206 – My Favorite Maine Moments

After returning to Maryland and back to regular life. It’s hard to beat the amazing two weeks spent on Mount Desert Island in Maine. Everything here seems so mundane and my memories are so fresh of wonderful moments on the island.

During my stay, I didn’t share that when uploading my images to wordpress, the connection was a slow broadband. It would take up to an hour to load only six images. By the time the photos were available to place into a post, the creative juices to write were all dried up.

Spending just a few days here before heading south to Florida, I’ve been busy getting caught up with life, so didn’t have time to capture something new and interesting today. So allow me to share some of my favorite moments in Acadia.

Like eating a lobster lunch at Stewman’s Lobster Pound in downtown Bar Harbor on their waterfront dock.

Heading up to the top of Cadillac Mountain at 4:00 a.m. to capture the sun rising over the most eastern point in the U.S.

Hiking the three-mile loop around Long Pond with a stunning view of the bubbles.

Grabbing a handful of ripe Maine wild blueberries while on the trail.
Enjoying beautiful blue skies and even bluer lakes. Shimmering in the sun.
Foggy mornings, and mist covered mountains and evergreen forests.

Enjoying beautiful birds and blooms.

The seaside with the granite filled land lined with fragrant balsam firs.
Charming dinghy’s waiting dockside to take their owners to bigger water vessels.
And best of all, glorious sunrises and sunsets.


The wildlife kept me entertained. With the mushroom stealing red squirrel, the chipmunk that was so brave and ran between my legs. The two does and their fawns walking across the road. Multiple birds and several ‘lifers.’

An early morning with blueberry pancakes and maple syrup to fuel me for a half-day cruise to see whales and puffins.

The evening with Harbor dolphins playing in the harbor, and a harbor seal in the distance. While the rain lightly fell and created a double rainbow. With the backdrop of a stunning sunset.

Maine was completely glorious and I truly wish that each and everyone of you can make it there someday. It is truly paradise. Bella

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  1. All your images are beautiful but I thought the three in the round frames spoke so much about Acadia – so much atmosphere in them I could feel the damp mist on my skin. Had my first lobster on that trip, found I’m not that fussed on it but G loves it. In fact, his craving took us on a spur of the moment jaunt to Cape Breton to get some – ever been there?

    • You are right there with me with those three mist filled images as well. It was funny as I was out shooting and a local said “It’s not a good day for photography is it?” Are you kidding?! I said..it’s perfect..full of atmosphere. 🙂
      Nope haven’t even heard of Cape Breton, funny story though. You’re the first person I’ve heard that isn’t fond of lobster.

  2. Whatever governmental department in Maine that’s charged with promoting tourism should hire you to do the photography and write the ads! Your posts have made me want to visit.

  3. Can’t get over the beauty there. Gorgeous! Thanks for sharing. Glad you were patient with the slow internet… eee-rrrr! =)

  4. Beautiful shots that clearly show what Maine is all about. I love my neighboring states so many places to go so many things to do and yes the food is to die for! lol Then again I love your states CRAB CAKES 🙂 oh and The South Starts Here store 🙂 where my flip flops from there each time I am demanded to put something on my feet yes a Rebel for sure!


    Hope FL treats you as nicely as did the Northeast

    • There is nothing like the crab cakes in Maryland. I love to go to other states and see how terrible their version of Maryland crab cakes are. Forget the flip flops – i prefer to go barefoot ! I too am out of the box, I can see us getting in trouble together. Florida was way to friggin hot or…pouring rain!

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