The Results are In!


Sitting in the Allergy doctor’s office this morning working on a fitness test for my asthma, the blood work results came in from the lab. Remember my episode last week where I nearly bit the dust? Well, my suspicions that I have developed a meat allergy due to the Lone Star Tick is indeed true. I have been diagnosed with the “Alpha-Gal IGE” allergy which means that my body is sensitive to the sugars in mammal meat proteins. Going forward, no beef, pork, lamb or game meat is allowed. It certainly isn’t worth the risk.

So the closest I can get to a nice big juicy medium-rare grilled steak is enjoying beef on the hoof. Even the deer in the woods will taunt me “Nah, nah, can’t eat me…”


On the up-side, I can still eat poultry and best of all – LOBSTER !! Big hot red delicious Maine Lobster. As we are heading up to Maine tomorrow, this is great news.

IMG_1237I’m actually just fine with the diagnosis. I’d much rather know what caused my anaphylaxis shock as I can manage it from happening again. Just don’t eat meat. This is much better than not knowing what caused it and having to think twice about adventuring out into nature alone for hours like I so enjoy doing. So I can walk the trail around Long Pond with no worries. Can’t wait to get there.



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  1. Going for a clam bake, eh. Thank goodness, you found out. Does that mean even a small slice will trigger this? You need iron, Bella. Well, I’m glad your sense of humour came back.

  2. I’m glad you’re accepting you’re diagnosis so well. I’d be devastated. I’d Seriously have the smallest palette of food to choose from. Even grass fed meat? Cows were never meant to eat corn…. I’m very curious about this allergy. It sure is a weird one. Enjoy your lobster!

  3. So sad, but it is always better to know. I have really never heard about meat allergy, but I know a lot of happy vegetarians! Best of luck, there is no nead for meat for good photography!

  4. Knowing is a great thing; glad you have it figured out. Lobster is definitely the bright side of no beef 🙂 I’ll take lobster, shrimp and a whole bunch more seafood over red meat any day.

  5. Very scary time Emily. The news is good to know, even if you are going to be so severely restricted, nothing is worth the risk of going into shock again. My friends are leaving for Maine this weekend too, I’m so jealous of you guys – have a great time, hope you have wonderful weather and lots of delicious lobsters! Glad to know you are well.

    • That’s interesting. The tough part is that you don’t know your limit unless you try things and risk another anaphylaxis attack. Not worth it. I can eat cheese and milk and some that have this can’t. Who knew? Thanks Eugenia.

  6. So happy for you that your condition has been diagnosed. I’m sure it’s great news for the mammal kingdom. They’re probably having a party this weekend to celebrate. 🙂 Gorgeous photos, Emily. Enjoy your trip to Maine, and the lobster too. xx

    • You are too much – you know the mammal kingdom have been partying. I’m thrilled to know how to keep myself safe. Although I do wear an alert bracelet (Road Runner ID) just in case of emergencies.

  7. Interesting! I’ve never heard of it, but I popped out into this world a vegetarian (in a family of BIG meat-eaters)… My body naturally shunned meat. Perhaps it was telling me something to the same effect!

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