Seal Cove Pond


Arrived safely this afternoon to Mount Desert Island, Maine. A lovely country farm house overlooking Seal Cove Pond. It is a full moon tonight and the call of the loons can be heard floating over the water.

“This is of the loon–I do not mean its laugh, but its looning,–is a long-drawn call, as it were, sometimes singularly human to my ear,–hoo-hoo-ooooo, like the hallooing of a man on a very high key, having thrown his voice into his head. I have heard a sound exactly like it when breathing heavily through my own nostrils, half awake at ten at night, suggesting my affinity to the loon; as if its language were but a dialect of my own, after all.”
Henry David Thoreau


While I desperately need sleep tonight, hearing the loon’s call in its haunting, but welcoming way is soothing to my spirit. I hope to find the Loon during the day and thank him for his warm welcome.

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  1. Oh, I love Acadia Park and the coast of Maine. How fortunate you are to be there!! Enjoy every moment. Will you be taking a pelagic trip to the islands off the coast? Take care and savor your trip.

    • I’ve taken that cruise the past three years so I’m going to skip it this time. We’re having two days of solid rain that keep us inside a bit. I love it so much here and each visit I learn more about different sections of the island.

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