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  1. I think I’ve driven almost all of what is left with the exception of CA. I drove most of the road, south of Chicago to Albuquerque 30 years ago and have done Arizona since. It’s a grand experience, this old highway. Looks like a great place to stop in, too.

    • Now that is amazing, and how jealous I am. I keep wanting to do it when we drove out west, but hubby was always in a rush. BTW, it starts just west of Washington DC. I take it when heading to the Shenandoah mountains.

      • I think we (who come from the Midwest) have been sold a bill of goods, we were told long ago Rt 66 started in Chicago. If it runs along I90 I guess I’ve at least paralleled that section. I notice that Midwest Plant Girl think s the same and http://www.historic66.com/ still says it starts in Chicago. How bizzare is that?

        • yeah, weird, I just scoped it out on Wikipedia, the answer to everything (other than Google) and they said it has “no physical or historical connection to the famous US Route 66”. I guess I can scratch exploring that stretch of Interstate off my bucket list now. And you notice Wikipedia didn’t use “neither/nor” for the negatives? I feel for them and their language skills, really.

  2. The photos capture the atmosphere of the diner very well!

    Bobby Troup was way ahead of his time, many of his songs were covered by rockers. You should check out Mick Ronson’s cover of “The girl can’t help it”!

  3. Wonderful photographs!
    Route 66 starts in Chicago, Randolph street I think. Funny thing It’s a one way street… The wrong way!

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