A Winter Day on the Chesapeake Bay


On a warm winter day on the Chesapeake Bay.

Walking on the sand, feeling it give and sway with each step.

Expansive views across the vast waters. With thousands of dots, both near and far.

Overwintering ducks gather in large rafts. Diving and foraging in the cool and dark waters.

Suddenly with a rush, thousands of scaups lift up from the waters and circle around, looking for a new place to land.

A Maryland waterman, heading back to safe harbor after an early morn.

Since 1904, a shining light has stood. It’s bright light always bringing comfort and clear passage.

A serene and peaceful morn along the waters of the Chesapeake Bay.


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  1. Your pictures have a certain feel to them, calming, and I can imagine being there watching the boat and the birds. Then your poem adds even more to the images because you share with us what you’re experiencing, the part of the scene we don’t see.

    Thanks for sharing!

      • Absolutely! Thank you for sharing all your photos, you do some great work. I really appreciate as well your interest in birding. I’m not a regular bird watcher myself but I’m always saying I’d like to get into it; I used to when I was little.

        I think it’s great that you shared that poem in conjunction with your photos so we COULD feel what it was like. It’s one thing to look at photos but it’s awesome I think when you can FEEL the photo and get a chance to hear from the artist what they were witnessing and experiencing with their other senses. I know sometimes a picture I take means more to me then just what you’re seeing because the temperature was just right or I can hear people laughing and living. Being a poet you spoke to my own heart plus I like to infuse pictures with poetry sometimes (what I call poepics). I think it adds more meaning to both.

        In this case as I said before your pictures did convey feeling and your poem gave us even more. I hope you keep up the writing. One art helps the other!


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