2013 Project 365

Project 365/365 – A Year in Pictures

It’s hard to believe that I’ve managed to complete my photography Project 365. It has been an incredible journey in so many ways. Not only did it make me get out daily and think about capturing something special, it also opened up doors for creativity.

Many new friends and supporters joined me on my journey this year, and it is because of you that has made this project worthwhile. My images and technical aptitude have dramatically improved this year. Now only am I fully proficient with camera settings for whatever situation I enter into, I’ve learned what moments are the ones to capture. The repeated post processing has also improved my eye in how I would like to present my images. Some things that I liked earlier in the year have been set aside for more esthetically pleasing images.

But taking pictures every day wasn’t the only goal I had set for myself. I had also decided to make this a quiet “Birding Big Year,” and try to see as many birds as I could. My total count was 262, which is nothing to sneeze at. It’s been so much fun sharing my bird images with you and it thrills me that they have been enjoyed by so many people.

To celebrate the completion of Bella Remy’s Project 365, here are some selections from each month from this past year.

Thank you so much for traveling with me on this journey and stay tuned. The world has only just begun to be explored. Bella Remy


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    • You are so sweet Andy, and you are truly a special person. Thank you so much, and hard to believe that’s it is officially over. I’ll still shoot like crazy though. I just won’t have the pressure on days I don’t come up with something that “I have to.” Have a great week. šŸ™‚

  1. Do I hear Fireworks, applause, standing ovation and encore! Repeat performance please for another 365! What am I going to do now, without you, BELLA. Congratulations, sweety. Perpetua.

    • I am certainly doing the party dance. I’m so excited its over. I’ll be posting nearly as frequently but not committing to a Project 365.
      This way I don’t feel guilty about missing a day. šŸ™‚
      If it wasn’t for this project, I never would have met you my dear friend. XXOO

  2. Congratulations on completing a tough challenge! It’s been an awesome journey that you’ve taken us on, with many spectacular images along the way! I can’t wait to see what your next endeavor might be.

    • I’m figure I’m going to keep doing what I’ve been doing, but not post as frequently. Need to start using my time more productively. It’s been so much fun having you with me every step of the way. XXOO

  3. These are so good. I know that they say practice makes perfect but some of your photo’s are seriously gorgeous. You should look at sending some into the bird and nature magazines. šŸ™‚


    • You are truly so kind Maura. I’d hope that some of my images would pass the high standards of nature photography. There is some really tough competition out there with brilliant photographers.

      Indeed, practice does make perfect. Thanks again.

  4. Lovely set of images Emily…..the puppy and the spiral staircase particularly caught my eye. Well done for completing the 365. Can’t wait to see what the next 365 has in store.

  5. Congratulations on completing your 365! I wasn’t as active on WP this past year, so regrettably, I didn’t get to see everything, but I love the highlights you’ve posted here (too hard to pick a favorite!) and look forward to seeing more of your work in 2014. Will there be a new project in the works?

    • Fiebs !! It’s so great to see you! I was wondering if you were still out there or not. There were many exciting things this past year, but at the end of March I’m going to Galapagos,so that is super exciting.

      Great to see you and hope all is well with you.

      • OH, that is awesome. I can imagine some great posts will come out of that!

        Yes, I’ve been traveling & shooting, just haven’t been posting as much. Next up for me is Iceland in March!

  6. Well done! These are beautiful photos. The snow owl is fabulous, one of those photos that seem unbelievable unless you were working for National Geographic or a new Planet Earth series. Super cute puppy, and of course the hummingbird is up there with the owl. No doubt you’re proud. Congratulations on completing your 365. I started my first one late (the 10th) and I already missed a day – yesterday! – and yes, I know what you mean when you said you’d feel guilty, tis how I feel! I applaud you on making it happen. Even though you say you’re not doing another 365 I look forward to following your future posts.

    Do you have any tips for new 365ers? Advice? Suggestions? No-nos?

    Good work!

    • LOL ! You are too funny LP. Well, don’t beat yourself up if you miss a day. Sometimes I faked it and posted pictures from a few days before. Do what works for you and enjoy the journey.

      Find ways to challenge yourself with your art, experiment and have fun!

      • šŸ˜‰

        Thanks for the advice!! So far I definitely am enjoying it. It definitely does challenge me – especially as an amateur – to see things differently, improve my technique, learn photoshop more, and learn more of the basics and technical aspects of photography.

        How long have you been a photographer?

        Take care,

  7. Yes you have mastered your camera and caught some great shots over this past year. So glad I was one to watch you grow and see the beauties you captured.

    Enjoy the next 365 days!

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