The Bombs Bursting in the Air

Last night was the Star Spangled Spectacular’s fireworks celebration for the writing of Francis Scott Key’s “Star Spangled Banner.” Two hundred years to the night, bombs burst in the air over Fort McHenry.

As the British bombarded the fort on September 13, 1814, fireworks exploded over Baltimore harbor on September 13, 2014. Loudly ringing throughout the land, the explosions vibrated the city with their power. It was as it was 200 years ago from cannon fire roaring through the night.

Francis Scott Key had been captured by the British and was being held on their ships while the attack occurred. The smoke from the cannons overtook the sky and it wasn’t until dawn when Key knew who had won. A large American flag had been raised over the fort, inspiring him to write the poem.

It was a truly fantastic event and the fireworks really set us in a place and time 200 years ago.

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