The Fountain of Respite

With a hint of grace and elegance, a statue Geisha Girl pours life giving water to the wildlife at the manor.HCC30aug14-6202

It’s always full of surprises with the visitors that come and go. Both those with feathers and those with fur visit for refreshment.



But best of all was a new discovery today as there are bunnies ! Yes, darling, cute as a button Cotton-Tailed Bunnies. There haven’t been bunnies in the garden for a long time as my cat Tuxedo was a hunter and they knew it. Now that Tuxedo is gone, the bunnies and a rare chipmunk show up at the fountain. Can you tell I’m excited? Think I’m going to go get me some bunny food tomorrow.



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  1. You have a lawn and gardens chock full of natural bunny food, why would you want to buy the artificial stuff that they sell? If you want the bunnies to stick around, plant a few green beans between the flowers, the bunnies will chow the plants down as soon as they sprout.

  2. I love all furries….
    However, I don’t wish for bunnies as they eat all my personal food! My dogs usually chase them out tho.

    • You have no idea Fatima. His sister has been watching him with his antics all those years. Now that he is gone, she’s starting to do them ! Jump up, meow, jump down run to the door (let me out!) Meow Meow Meow nonstop (feed me the canned stuff!) Jeez….

  3. I am Spanish. I was born in Alicante and grew up in La Coruña, where my mum and older siblings were born. My dad was from Beas de Segura, a nice white village in Jaén, which we visited as children. I also have relatives in Baena, another beautiful white village in Córdoba, where I spent my 18th birthday with my dad’s brother’s family.
    I can make that trip even better as horse riding is a very popular activity around here. I always give horse riders a wide berth on my way to and from work and drive very slowly around them, as I would hate to startle them. I work in a school in the South Downs in West Sussex, very rural! No excuse not to come now!
    Enjoy your visit to Galeón Andalucía and please, please, please share more pictures!

    • Porque no estamos hablando Castellano entonces? Oh wow, I can only imagine how beautiful it is in your father’s village.
      I know the horse riders are grateful for your consideration, you’re amazing! Just adding to the temptation aren’t you?

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