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“You’re My Best Friend”

It was time to let Javalin get a new friend in his paddock. A couple of years ago, I introduced Javalin to you in Free Spirit. Since that time, Javalin has had a solitary paddock mate and he loves to have friends.

Enter Steele, a younger thoroughbred that has been part of the schooling barn this year. A quiet and full of personality boy, I moved him to the stall next to Javalin this week. Sniffing each other through the boards the introductions were made. Yesterday, I pulled Steele out and groomed him outside of Javalin’s stall. Javalin’s reaction? Well..he got a bit jealous.

So it was time for them to officially meet in their paddock. Bringing camera to the barn and expecting fireworks and excitement. Boys fighting each other for who’s better than who. Halters on, Steele went out first into the paddock, and then in went Javalin.

A lot of nose sniffing began.



Then a squeal and a kick from Javalin.


And all of a sudden they’re best friends!!



It’s a beautiful thing! Treasure those friends near and dear to you. Whether they are new or old.

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