2013 Project 365

Weekly Photo Challenge: The Sign Says it in Greek

GrkFest31may13-2671Every year I look forward to seeing this sign. A sign that is in Greek that means great food and fun times. At the Annapolis Greek Festival at the Sts. Constantine & Helen Church on Riva Road an outrageous amount of food is served this weekend.

Each year I go on Fridays as it’s not as crowded as on the weekends. The Greeks are in good spirits excited with the beginning of this great festival. It’s a place you can go to be Greek for a Day (click to get more festival details.)

My first visit is always at the dessert tables. Yes, that is plural – TABLES filled with incredible, melt in your mouth, Greek delicacies. They seem to go on forever. And the types of cookies and desserts. Names that are hard to pronounce: Baklava, Loukoumades, Koulourakia, Finikia, Galaktobouriko, Kourambiedes, Flogares, Tsoureki, Risogalo, Amigthalota and Almond Corns (Phew – English!)

Of course, the Baklava is to die for. Other favorites are Kourambiedes and Finikia.

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The festival also offers a full range of main course dishes with gyros leading the pack. Quickly followed by other hard to pronounce Greek food like Dolmades, Pastitsio, Moussaka, Spanakopita, Tyropita, Arni, Plaki and Greek Oreganato.

GrkFest31may13-2674As if the festival, the food and the people weren’t enough. The crowning jewel of the festival is the elaborate and stunning church chapel. Built between 1995 and 2005, it took over five years to decorate the alcoves and ceilings of the church. Painted in Greece on canvas and brought to Annapolis with the artisans and craftsmen, these paintings are truly works of art.

If you’re in the area and have never gone to the Greek festival in Annapolis, Maryland. What are you waiting for ? This is truly a fantastic event. May we all be Greek for a Day.

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  1. What a fun day! We have Greek days in Vancouver every year! They block off part of Broadway, a main thoroughfare for one day! There is music, dancing and tons of food! The perfect time to have a camera! Great photos, Emily!!!

    • LOL ! Aren’t I just the sweet one. 🙂 The chapel is such an amazing work of art and I’m sure the church paid a TON of money to have it built. The Greeks run Annapolis sort of unseen. Their money comes from shipping.

  2. Lovely post – makes me wish I lived nearer! Alas, I fear the ocean between us will make a visit impossible. Seeing it here is definitely the next best thing though.

    • Thank you so much Tom. As you are so fortunate to enjoy the opulent churches in Europe/Italy, you can truly appreciate the beauty of this church. It’s easy to have great pics with such a bright subject. This is with my little point & shoot.

  3. I love everything about the Greek culture along with the food and drink! There is a temple that has a fest every year here also that we attend. I’m sure they are everywhere, just look! Thanks for the mouth watering reminder!

    • Oh wonderful ! You can enjoy the excitement I do with this festival. Love the Greeks! Have you heard of Tarpon Springs in Florida? That is a true Greek community that was built on sponge diving.

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