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Weekly Photo Challenge: Fleeting

  In just moments, the day turns into night. The bright orange and red sun setting behind the mist, leaving the sky to the moon sliver. The waters cool and still with the surrounding life resting from the day. Mount Desert Island, Maine ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ To photograph is to […]

Weekly Photo Challenge: Lost

On Mount Desert Island in Maine, where Acadia National Park is there is a hidden cove. This small harbor is a lobstermen haven. Bass Harbor is authentic Maine with hard working sailors that work the lobster traps so that we can enjoy those delicacies. Arriving in the harbor […]

Badges of Honor

It’s only appropriate that I celebrate today’s 500th post on Hoofbeats & Footprints. With blogging, I have met some incredible people all across the world, and the blogsphere has allowed us to share our thoughts, sights and local scenes to those who are willing to look. A year […]

Weekly Photo Challenge: From Above

So I like climbing up so that I can look down. Whether it’s on horseback, or by footprints, or by boat. The sights seen from above are unparalleled. We should do it more often! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Above all things let us never forget that mankind constitutes one great brotherhood; […]