2013 Project 365

Project 365/151 – Herbs in the Garden

“Spend time in a flower garden. Stay there as long as you wish, but make sure your visit is long enough to take in the various charms that the world of blossoms and petals provides. You can sit in a chair or on the grass, lie down looking up at the flowers from below, or walk around. However you choose to spend your time, be aware that you are a guest in someone else’s home ā€” nature’s ā€” so act accordingly.

“If the day is warm and sunny, savor the rays and imagine how the flowers must feel at this very moment. Look closely at the variety of blooms, at the different shapes and colors, at the way the individual blossoms grow out of their leafy sheaths. Now use your sense of smell to take in the stunning array of fragrance, all of which can be divinely overpowering.

“Keep an eye out for the various animal life that also lives in the garden, the birds and squirrels, the insects that fly, the ones that crawl. Notice how intently they go about their business, how they move from place to place trying not to notice you but in fact finding that task difficult. Close your eyes and listen to the sounds of the garden, the chirping and humming, and the movement of the stems and leaves in the mild breeze.

“Now see if you can transcend your individual senses and feel the presence of the garden inside you. Try to become just another flower, at home in the garden as if you were in your own house or place of worship.”
ā€” Alan Epstein in How to Have More Love in Your Life

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  1. True. I can spend hours on ends looking at each of leaf of plants and all insects and animals. It’s heavenly. Just finished planting some herbs in a planter today. The carrots and basils are starting to sprout. Now all we need is Sun.

    • You’re growing carrots? I’m assuming this is a real garden then. Carrots are hard to grow without them getting all funny looking. Good luck with that. I’d be more than happy to share our hot sun this week with you for some rain.

      • Castus are “crazy” about me of the same reason I’m to lazy with the water – so the cactus has wonderful days at my place – I have often cactus with amazing flowers – and people ask why – it’s because they are too buzy with the water… “hahaha”

    • Thanks Phil. I spend about two days driving around buying and planting them. A bit of water and they’re ready just outside the kitchen door. Some are perennials and I don’t do a thing. I just enjoy!

    • Herbs are great things to grow Renee. They grow so easily and need literally no care except for water. Then you get to enjoy them when cooking. When I have a surplus, I dry a mix and keep it for winter.

    • I think we all can learn to spend more time slowing down and appreciating the world around us. I have to thank photography, and now birding for really putting me on a different plane of existence. It is a truly wonderful calm place to be.

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