2013 Project 365

Project 365/152 – A Hunter Pace

A race, but not a race. A day for fun with friends and horses on a beautiful green course. Want to jump? Go ahead and jump. Don’t want to? Then just to around the thing.

In spite of the sweltering heat, people trailered in their Hunter Pace teams. Some with matching colored clothing, others more individualistic.


The Hunter Pace has several different levels from beginners to Masters. Each with increasing length and difficulty on the course. The team that wins is not the team that gets back first. Each team is individually timed on the course.


You see, the winning time is secretly timed before the day. The ideal time to arrive back to the finish line without going over. No one knows the secret time except the time keepers. The winners aren’t announced until all teams in the category complete the course.

It can be great fun, horses and girls gone wild. Some horses were great about jumping over fences.

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Others, not so much.

hpehc02jun13-2613 hpehc02jun13-2506Some gallop like wild banshees.

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The Hunter Pace is a favorite for those wanting to enjoy the day with friends, family and horses. And if you’re curious, nope, Remy and I didn’t race this year. We just enjoyed others having fun.


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  1. This brings back memories! We had horses growing up and I took many riding lessons. Many a time, while learning to jump, my horse would stop short and I would fly over the fence all by myself! But you know what they say….
    But I digress, I love your photos of these beautiful animals and their riders! Thanks so much for sharing.

    • Oh no ! I can just imagine you flying over the fences. I have a rule, if my mare can’t step over it, we’re not jumping it. Although one ditch she refuses to ever do. it’s always my opportunity to do a Half-Pass.
      Thank you so much!

  2. They all look so elegant, horses and riding mates all working as one. Such a wonderful spectacle, I love the strong bodies and seemingly smooth rides (except when they aren’t going over, no way – no how – lol).

  3. Do you have more photos of this event available? I’m looking for a few of the horses from Gentle Giants.

    • Oh darn! I wish I took pictures of your big boys but I didn’t. When I arrived I saw Lexie of Star Snapshots of your team. I didn’t want to step on her images as she does wonderful work. Brittany knows how to get in touch with her. I’m surprised she hasn’t posted the images yet as she’s usually pretty quick.

  4. I love these pictures! They’re so sharp and clear. I’m often around horses, but rarely with riders. I see that showing people riding makes much better pictures than horses alone.

    • You are so kind. It’s all that bird photography that I’ve been doing that really is helping my photography overall. I think horses alone can make some wonderful captures if you know how to capture their souls.

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