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Worth the Wait

All good things come to those that wait. Seems that Sunshine has mastered the art of sitting still as a statue under the bird feeder waiting for our feathered friends. Surely I could take lessons from her as while waiting for the birds to come in, I fidget. […]

A Morning with the Birds

I was out early with the bunnies and birds last week. A small park just outside of Baltimore named Cromwell Valley ParkĀ is for some reason is a magical spot for migrating warblers in the fall. A small stretch within a tree canopy next to a dry stream is […]

Finally some little birdies

It’s been a while since I’ve been able to get some lovely bird images. Not birding as much and waiting for the fall migration to begin, things have been a bit slow. It doesn’t help that the few warblers that are buzzing around have been far and elusive. […]

Dawn on the Meadow

Sleep was elusive overnight, so giving up the comforts of bed I headed out before dawn to find a meadow. A beautiful late summer meadow at the Howard County Conservancy in Woodstock, Maryland. A meadow left to nature with blooming golden rod and and queen anns lace. It […]

Never Get Tired of Hummers

I must admit, now that the hummers are here I’ve been a bit addicted to constantly being on the outlook for them. I have definitely confirmed that there are at least two of them, and perhaps up to four that buzz in and out of my garden. They’ve […]

Time for Breakfast

In Finis Pond at Bombay Hook National Wildlife Refuge has a small family of Green Herons. All waiting around by the marshy waters waiting for breakfast to arrive. Waiting, watching, waiting for the perfect moment. Then BAM ! Breakfast is served!

Butterflies & Hummingbirds

Good morning ! Wondering what you’re doing today. Got anything fun for me to eat? I’ve been running around the garden, wondering where the butterflies are. It’s time for the Monarchs to pass through and I’m looking for those bright orange beauties. Here’s one – all by itself […]

A Fishy Day

This week has been a week of entertaining guests. A boat ride on the Chesapeake Bay was certainly appropriate and the weather cooperated. Stopping at a waterfront restaurant for takeout, it seems we weren’t the only ones looking for a seafood meal. A family had just returned from […]

A Few Little Yard Birds

This afternoon I set up a new wildlife photographer blind in my driveway to stalk my yard birds. It really made them laugh. When I returned home I had seen a hummingbird in the garden, so I quickly refilled all the feeders and pulled out the Hummingbird feeder […]