A Few Little Yard Birds

This afternoon I set up a new wildlife photographer blind in my driveway to stalk my yard birds. It really made them laugh.


When I returned home I had seen a hummingbird in the garden, so I quickly refilled all the feeders and pulled out the Hummingbird feeder from the garage and filled it with sweet nectar. It didn’t take long for the hummingbird to return. He was a feisty fellow, chasing all the other small songbirds away, making sure they knew he had moved in.



The American Goldfinches were dining on the sunflower seeds, but after setting up the blind, they didn’t return. At least I got one brilliant yellow capture.

The other garden birds were wonderful and posed for me.

It was fun playing with the birds in my little pup tent. This can lead to new and exciting adventures!

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  1. Great photos! However, you’re making too much work out of it using the blind. My brother sets his camera up on a tripod pointed to spots he knows that the birds perch as they come and go from the feeders. Then, he sits in the shade in his lawn chair and uses remote control to trigger the shutter. Works for hummers too.

      • He doesn’t care if the bird moves, he’s out there in the shade sipping a cold one in his chair taking life easy. If he gets the bird, fine, if not, there’s always tomorrow. Or, you could do like I do, make friends with the birds so that they pose for you like they do for me. I shot a hen turkey with my macro lens last week.

    • It’s all about practice my dear. This is my fourth year now with photography and third with bird photography. I still have so much to learn though. Thank you and you humble me with your comment.

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