A Morning with the Birds


I was out early with the bunnies and birds last week. A small park just outside of Baltimore named Cromwell Valley Parkย is for some reason is a magical spot for migrating warblers in the fall.

Palm Warbler

Palm Warbler

A small stretch within a tree canopy next to a dry stream is a perfect place for searching for these elusive beauties. High in the trees, where the bugs are, many are familiar with the term ‘warbler neck.’ Getting tired of being a giraffe, I of course, had to go out in the grassy field. At least this time I had my tall rubber boots on, clothes tucked in and well treated with permethrin. No more ticks for this girl.

A number of Common yellow throated warblers were wondering if I had lost my mind, tempting fate once again.


Even a Rose breasted grosbeak joined in with the quandry.


But it was worth it as a beautiful Magnolia warbler was trying a variety of poses in attempts to capture the early morning worm.



It was wonderful to be back with the birds, and with my busy schedule, I hope to squeeze some more time with these beauties before they head south for the winter.

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  1. I hope your neck has recovered! And I am sure is was all worth it just to be able to admire those beautiful creatures. I truly love that Rose Breasted Grosbeak (a new bird on my vocabulary) and the acrobats of the Magnolia Warbler are just priceless. Glad to see she got her worm: not just for early birds but for the intrepid too! Marvellous!

  2. Thanks for the bird-blast! After having my humming bird feeder up all season, I got a little girl to visit for 2 days before she migrated on. Hope she comes back next year!

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