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Birds Finally !

I’ve been looking and looking each and every day. Migration season is the flavor of the week and I kept hoping and exploring in hopes of finding some of those visiting feathered friends. The cooler temperatures that we had along with days of rain kept the migration at […]

Wishing for Warblers

Allow me to first thank everyone for your loving support and kind comments about my noble beast Javalin. As you can imagine, it’s been a hard week to recover from the loss of such a wonderful partner, but your thoughts have given me strength. My need to find […]

A Burst of Yellow

In a forest of green, a burst of yellow flashes by along the marsh. Known as the Prothonotary Warbler, these darling warblers are known for their ‘sweet-sweet-sweet’ call. These beautiful bursts of yellow can be found at Governor’s Bridge Natural Area, breeding along the marshy banks of the […]

Bathing Beauty

Beauty Bathing Anthony Munday (1553–1663) BEAUTY sat bathing by a spring Where fairest shades did hide her; The winds blew calm, the birds did sing, The cool streams ran beside her. My wanton thoughts enticed mine eye 5 To see what was forbidden: But better memory said, fie! […]