2013 Project 365

Project 365/128 – How Are You Feeling?

I'm feeling a little hungry.

I’m feeling a little hungry.

The rain storm that came to Maryland this week has brought the long delayed migrating birds. Tomorrow is set for a birding blitz, and I hope I can get some sleep tonight.

It’s like someone dusted magical fairy bird dust along the land and the place is exploding with birds. First hitting a sod farm for sandpipers made me quickly realize just how much I miss my Canon 7D.

Greater Yellow Legs

Greater Yellow Legs

After my ride with the beast, I wandered into the woods at the farm, where a ton of birds taunting me with their calls. I did manage to find these though and can’t wait to go back tomorrow with more time to find more.

When I got home Federal Express was kind enough to leave my newly cleaned and repaired Canon 7D. All ready for heavy duty work tomorrow. It really should be illegal to have so much fun. Happy Hump Day! Bella

Common Yellowthroat Warbler

Common Yellowthroat Warbler

Black and White Warbler

Black and White Warbler

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  1. Beautiful. I hear you about about it should be illegal to have so much fun. A friend and I spent 4 hours at a natural garden this morning. I was giddy with joy – and decided that I really need a 70-300 mm lens. 🙂

      • I’m Nikon 5100. We found flowering trees, woods, beautiful vistas, a magnificent tree hideout, and lots of fun flowers inside. Lots more posts coming, Bella! 😀 So you think I would be happier with a 400mm than a 300mm. I wonder if we ever have a “big enough” lens? 🙂 I have my sights on a 800mm that cost over $17,000. Really?????

        • I heard of that new Nikon 800. It looks amazing. The 500 was the price of a cheap car too, but I love it, and was so worth it.
          Yes ! At least 400mm for birding. Even with that a lot of post processing crop is needed. The further the bird, the more the image degrades in the cropping.
          You can always rent the 800mm, as well as the others to see what you think. I’ve got a link on the bottom of my blog for BorrowLenses

    • What I did was put my cleaning kit for the camera elsewhere. Appears that when I was trying to clean the sensor I moved it out of place. Thankfully Canon fixed it for free! Just know that for the first year all service is included with your new purchases. Make sure you do it before the year is up. clean, calibrate, etc.
      The B&W was a surprise to find. I think I saw a Black & Blue breasted warbler too, but he moved before I could get a really good look at him. Will try to find him today.

      • Thanks for the tip. I had heard that Canon has excellent customer service, as does the local store that I purchased my kit from. One of the reasons that I switched from Nikon.

        Good luck!

  2. If having fun is illegal, might as well feed me to the vultures. 😆 Are these taken from your repaired heavy duty camera? These birds are magnificent.

      • I didn’t end up taking my big camera today. I really needed to concentrate on the IDs. Lots of great birds out, though. Our survey starts on May 15 in and around the Shenandoah Valley (Clarke, Warren, Fauquier etc.). I think any time now is a good time. Lots of nesting going on and bird activity. If you want to come out this way, to the Arboretum or Sky Meadows or the Thompson Wildlife Management Area, I’m happy to join you!

  3. Beautiful photography! Can hear the excitement in your words – lucky you! Have you considered doing a card series, calendar, etc. with your lovely bird shots.

    • You are too sweet Mary ! My photo coach is telling me the same thing. I think I’ll keep with the project 365 this year and get a huge collection in my library of images. Next year I can concentrate on publishing.

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