2013 Project 365

Project 365/260 – Warblers !

It was a crazy busy day yesterday, starting at dawn at both Kinder Farm Park and Swan Creek Wetlands in search of warblers. And indeed, warblers were found. To the tune of 800 images and many unknown.

I’m off to another early start. This time for a pony field trip.

Enjoy these little beauties and I’ll check in later. Have a great day!

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  1. Especially love the shots of the common yellowthroat, the only one of the group that I could readily identify. It’s tough to get good shots of these little birds that seem to like to bury themselves in the leaves. Wonderful job (and the brillant colors are awesome).

    • I had to smile as there are plenty more yellow ones to share. Hope to post them today. For posing – I waited in the same spot for an hour and took about 800 images. It’s the waiting game while they flit around for the perfect moment.

      • Ah, now I understand! You were thinking that my reference to the Cape meant Cape May? I actually live on Cape Cod, in MA. But I’ll be bet the warblers sure are wonderful at Cape May! Here, we’re awaiting the winter ducks… How I LOVE this time of year! 🙂

        • No No, easy mistake, and now I understand even more as I am finally reading back thru’ messages. OY! I am the dummy, should have seen your questions about Cape May long ago. So much going on, too much, trying to figure out where to put my TIME these days, torn in so many directions. When all I really want to do is get out there with my camera… 🙂

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