2013 Project 365

Project 365/261 – A Beautiful Day Out


Today’s trail ride field trip was a resounding success. Remy and her new beau Lancaster went on the trailer beautifully.

It had been a while since Lancaster had been on a trailer and he was wigging out a bit. Flinging hay all over the trailer, I could see Remy give him “the Look.” You know..the look your mother gives you when you’re misbehaving. The look that tells you to behave. Yep, Lancaster got “The Look”, not once but several times. Didn’t stop him from being silly though.

When arriving at Governor’s Bridge Natural Area, there were three bird photographers that were out early searching for warblers. A bit of jealousy passed through me, but today was to enjoy the ponies.

The marsh seemed softly like a Monet painting, and the corn fields had been long harvested. The old barns still stood steady with mother nature taking over its landscape.


A great hour’s trail ride and we returned home. This time with Lancaster behaving himself in the trailer. Guess all Β those dirty looks worked.

Hey ! She just bit me !

Hey ! She just bit me !

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  1. Sounds as if you enjoyed a nice ride. Question, do horses get tired from riding in a trailer and keeping their balance as the trailer goes down the road? Does it affect them like people walking on a boat, you know, the sea legs thing?

    • I’ve been good and taken my girl on just short distances. But I’d imagine of course they get tired from all the continuous balancing and movement. When they get off though, no sea legs apparent. The short answer from a long story. πŸ™‚

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