Time for Breakfast


In Finis Pond at Bombay Hook National Wildlife Refuge has a small family of Green Herons. All waiting around by the marshy waters waiting for breakfast to arrive.


Waiting, watching, waiting for the perfect moment. Then BAM !


Breakfast is served!


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  1. Great timing and wonderful shots. It’s hard to remain vigilant and you wait and wait for the moment of the strike. I’ve learned that herons of all sizes are amazingly patient (more than I am generally).

  2. It made me smile and laugh to see it’s head disappear to get breakfast. I thought the fish will miraculously jump out in the air, into its waiting open mouth. πŸ™‚

  3. Emily

    Great shots. Hope to get a chance to go to Bombay Hook on Monday maybe the heron family will still be around.

    John Jake Jakubik

    • Hi John! I tried to send you and email but had some technical difficulties. Don’t know if you’ll get this, but yes the Green Herons are there. You’ll probably run into Jerry AmEnde, John and Russell Clark in the morning. They are there most days.

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