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It is with great pleasure to announce that Capital Photography Center and myself have joined forces to offer a series of bird and nature photography workshops in the Virginia, Maryland, Delaware and DC areas. (DELMARVA) Indeed, this is a true honor that Founder and owner Marie Joabar considered […]

A Girl and Her Horse

There is nothing like the strength of the bond of love between a girl and her horse. As with many girls, dreaming of having a horse fills their heads day and night. What is inspiring is that the girl’s passion allows her to control a 1,000 pound-plus beast […]


Along with Bambi, I was jumping for joy in the early morn. Visiting Big Meadows on Skyline Drive in Shenandoah National Park in Virginia, the trip was to discover fawns in all of their spotted glory. I wasn’t the only one out at dawn trolling the meadow in […]

Kissing Buddies

It was dark on the meadow. The sky heavy with clouds with the rising sun hidden behind. The bucks were out and slowing winding down from a fun evening out. A younger buck, quite friendly walked up to another buck. Cleary his kissing cousin. Big Meadows on Skyline […]

In the Clover

Bunny Rabbit by Anonymous Bunny creeps out and caresses his nose, Combs out his ears with his fluttering toes, Blinks at the sun And commences to run With a skip and a hop And a flippety-flop, Nibbling the clover wherever he goes; But only when he is quite […]

Moving In

I’m going to let you in on a secret – Zorro and Esperanza are moving in ! Yes, it is true. After all of this time, I spied them sitting on the new platform house shopping and discussing whether or not it would be a good place to […]

Welcome World !

I’m just a cute little fellow. Hanging out in the paddock with my mom. I may be just two weeks old, but I’m so excited to be alive. Jumping for joy as the horse doctor fixed my leg. And I’m going to dream big ! I want to […]

Ruddy Turnstones

All lined up on the remnants of an old dock, these Ruddy Turnstones huddled in the light rain. Traveling through the Delaware shore in search of eggs from the Horseshoe Crabs. Mr. Willet, on the other hand was walking along the shoreline greeting us as he went by.