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A Girl and Her Horse


There is nothing like the strength of the bond of love between a girl and her horse. As with many girls, dreaming of having a horse fills their heads day and night.

What is inspiring is that the girl’s passion allows her to control a 1,000 pound-plus beast and her love makes him bend at her will.


I’ve been super busy lately, and am due at least an update on a few things around the manor. A rare sighting of Esperanza was seen on her Osprey platform the other evening, screaming away for Zorro. She left later on, and hasn’t been seen. Zorro was seen tonight flying to his favorite evergreen tree with a fish for dinner.

Azure and Celeste has been seen building a new nest ! While I didn’t see a single feather of their four children that fledged, all I can do is hope that they moved on to better grounds. And not the other possibility that a fish crow got them.

Celeste could indeed lay a new clutch of eggs which would be a second blue bird family at the manor this summer. Stay tuned as we’re now on nest watch again.


It is with great pleasure to announce that one of my images has made it into a photography contest for a calendar. The Tri-State Bird Rescue & Research, Inc offers a yearly photo contest for their fundraising calendar.


I would be so grateful if you would. Mine is the one with all of the white swans in it “Let’s Talk About It”

Wish me luck ! I’m pretty excited as this is the first contest I’ve entered. Thank you so much!

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  1. DONE! And pleased to do so, wishing you all the very best, Emily. And yes. For us girls, of all ages, our dreams of having a horse someday most definitely fill our heads, day and night. ❤

  2. Got a first novel coming with a girl and her horse, albeit set in a quasi- scifi setting…but still this is an awesome photo!

  3. How exciting! I’ve just tried to vote, but a notice came up saying voting wasn’t allowed from my location. I wish you best of luck with the contest. You’re ahead so far! 🙂
    Great news on Celeste and Azur too. And our swans’ eggs have hatched now and I saw their 3 little cygnets for the first time yesterday. Woo hoo!

  4. Hello and best wishes in the competition.
    I guess it is because I am in the good old United Kingdom but I
    got the message
    “cannot vote from your location”
    The home of democracy eh ?

    • are really too sweet ! I don’t know why I associate you with Australia, but now I am duly corrected. Fatima and you are in the UK. That is so very awesome.

      This is a local area bird rescue place, so I don’t blame them. Think of all of those spammers from other – I won’t mention – countries. 🙂

      Your support is vote enough.

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