Down the Hatch


It’s feeding time at the Purple Martin Colony condo.

As the largest North American swallow, Purple martins are known for their death defying aerial acrobats and rocket speed entering into their nests.

Gathering in groups they migrate to the Amazon region in South America in the winter. Returning in the summer months they enjoy a variety of condo living offered by martin lovers throughout.

Dragonflies are a known favorite delicacy of martins and one mother was busy feeding her young. Darting about catching bugs mid-air, she returns with a dragon fly for lunch.

It’s not enough to bring the bug to baby, mom has to shove the bug down baby’s throat.


Down the hatch baby ! Dinner’s served!


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    • These are painted gourds designed specifically for the Purple Martins. Although there are other birds that like these for nests also.

      This is in the backyard of a friends house. I want some but they’re expensive!

    • First…I made friends with the property owner that has this colony. Second, I practiced, and then went to his house twice to get these captures. Timing was crucial to get the light right, and the technical part was a toughy.

      Thanks Fatima !!

  1. There is a purple martin condo like this in my local park. Good photos are very hard to get because of the speed of the birds and the height of the condo. This is a wonderful set of pictures. πŸ˜€

    • So glad you appreciate what effort it takes to get these Carolyn. They really do just zip in with no warning don’t they? And the dark against that white – really tough lighting. Thank you!

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