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The Red Barn

  The Old Red Barn and I The first time I painted the old red barn I was twenty years old and the skies were blue. There it sat in the middle of the hay field Waiting to be immortalized on canvas. The second time I painted the […]

Rained in

It’s been raining here for two solid days. Great for sleeping in and eating too much. A huge thunderstorm went over the house with two lightning bolts that had so much power there were electric surges in the air in the living room we’re staying in. Blew out […]

A Matching Pair

Never thought I would want new cats, but this pair of beautiful four-week old Kittens have quickly changed my mind. A darling boy and girl that are nearly identical are being fostered by a friend of mine, along with their sweet mother and calico sibling, “Peter the Great” […]

A little housekeeping

Have a question for you my dear readers. About three years ago, I began this blog “Hoofbeats and Footprints.” My intention was to blog about hiking in Maryland and Equitrekking in exotic places. However, over the years my photography interests have evolved into wildlife and nature photography. I’ve […]