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Rained in

It’s been raining here for two solid days. Great for sleeping in and eating too much.

A huge thunderstorm went over the house with two lightning bolts that had so much power there were electric surges in the air in the living room we’re staying in. Blew out the cable, wifi, and phone. Cell service is already iffy where we are.

So a forced unplugged from technology occurred today. Thankfully the Seal Cove Auto Museum is next door and I’ve spent the two days there photographing all of their 50 antique cars.

One of the staff saw me there yesterday and started talking to me. I offered “Want anything photographed ?” His answer….”All of them.” And he meant it. So I’m working on a full portfolio of the collection for their use and am almost done.

I’ve tried to add a couple of iPhoto’s in this post, but the cell connection is so weak I couldn’t upload. Will try to add tomorrow. Wish me luck in the dark zone.

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  1. Now that’s what I call making the best of a bad situation! Hope you share those shots. Keep the faith, the weather is supposed to be beautiful for the next few days.

    • Wouldn’t you know the weather is perfect there now that I’m back home? I can tell the summer has turned and the air had a slight autumn feel to it, although it wasn’t cold. I’m ready for a change is season …I think. πŸ™‚

    • The funny thing is – I had to dodge lots of people as there were there because of the rain. Went the next day with it was sunny and the place was a ghost town. LOL ! Got home safely, so your well wishes worked.

  2. When it rains, it pours – for you it poured a new relationship and opportunity! How cool is that – looking forward to seeing your photographs.

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