Clam Digging Parrot


“Aarrr! She’s a buxom beauty. Win the heart of that fair maiden by offering ‘er a stroke of ye parrot!”

This evening I was on the dock at Bartlett’s Landing on Mount Desert Island, Maine to enjoy the sunset. The skies finally cleared up after two days of solid rain. While feeling the temperatures cool, and hearing sea lions play in the surf, the sky gently changed to soft colors of blue, pink and orange.

While waiting for a long exposure, a small boat came up and a Maine Waterman began unloading his day’s equipment. I couldn’t help but notice that accompanying him was a beautiful African Gray Parrot. The Parrot was sitting calm as could be on the little boat, and actually looked a bit sleepy from the afternoon out on the water. Mr. Parrot was unloaded along with the other equipment and left while the Waterman drove around the dock to tie his boat up for the night.


Mr. Parrot climbed onto the backpack for his perch while waiting for his friend. Such a patient and calm parrot he was. A true Pirate’s Parrot. They had just come in from an afternoon of clamming. Seems Mr. Parrot loves to clam.


The skies became glorious in its pink light. Some things only nature can create. Perhaps I’ll meet Mr. Parrot and his Waterman again tomorrow evening on the dock.


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  1. Very cool catch – these two are definitely bonded. Love seeing these photographs, the sunset was well worth the time as well. Friends of ours are in Bar Harbor now as well – you guys are so lucky!

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