Sunrise on the Quiet Side of Mount Desert Island


Today was the last full day of our stay on Mount Desert Island, Maine. Staying on the “Quiet Side” of the island we’ve enjoyed the beauty and nature Acadia National Park and Maine has to offer without all of the tourists. Trails with few people, restaurants without crowds and a steady peacefulness watching life on the water.

The sun rises early as the island is so far northeast in the U.S. to arrive pre-dawn required a 4:00 a.m. departure to arrive at Southwest Harbor to watch the sky begin to glow with the upcoming sun. Continuing south on Route 102, the road reaches the Seawall which is a natural rock beach filled with colorful granite. Another perfect place for a sunrise. A gull preened on a rock while the sun warmed his feathers.


The beautiful golden light on the Seawall was spectacular and I practically had the place to myself.


Leaving the Natural Stone Wall I continued on Route 102 south which wraps around and leads you to the Bass Harbor Lighthouse. Along my way, good fortune was with me and I happened upon a Mama White Tailed Deer with her two fawns – still with their spots ! You have no idea how much I’ve been wanting to see fawns with spots this year. This certainly made my morning all worthwhile for such an early wake up call.

me18jul14am-6900 me18jul14am-6873


The light hadn’t quite hit the lighthouse yet and I have a number of photos of the lighthouse from last year, so I’ll share one here.

Bass Harbor Lighthouse
Continuing on, Route 102 brought me around to Bass Harbor, with the lobstermen leaving for a day of hard’s work on the water. It truly was a beautiful morning and I’m sad to leave the island so soon. Until next year MDI…I’ll be back!


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  1. These photos are beautiful. I especially love the colors and composition of the boat and raft/dock. Nice story, too. We are planning a visit to that area next summer, and then into the southern part of Nova Scotia. I’ll look for the quiet side of Mount Desert Island.

    • I couldn’t believe how great that photo turned out too Pat. Yes, certainly stay on the quiet side of MDI. Think like a pair of lungs with Somes Sound in the middle. The left side – Southwest Harbor is the area to stay in. Hope you make it there.

  2. So beautiful in the early hours, How I envy the folks up at that lighthouse as they enjoy such a sight..! I love your beautiful captures πŸ™‚

    • Wait a minute..2:03am? I But really? What a crazy hour. Me too, time way too short, not enough photos. I have a couple of other outings I didn’t get a chance to post, so don’t worry, you haven’t been cut off yet.

  3. Emily, I just read through all your Maine posts from the past few days and I am sooo jealous. What a beautiful spot, and what gorgeous photos you got! One of my favorite places on Earth is the Schoodic Peninsula, which is the only section of Acadia National Park that is located on the mainland. Haven’t been there in ages. : ( Are you going to be posting photos of the cars?? Great words & pictures!

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