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“Nature” is what we see

“Nature” is what we see— The Hill—the Afternoon— Squirrel—Eclipse— the Bumble bee— Nay—Nature is Heaven— Nature is what we hear— The Bobolink—the Sea— Thunder—the Cricket— Nay—Nature is Harmony— Nature is what we know— Yet have no art to say— So impotent Our Wisdom is To her Simplicity. by […]

The Surging Sea

Waiting and Wishing by Henry Kendall (1839-1882) I loiter by this surging sea, Here, by this surging, sooming sea, Here, by this wailing, wild-faced sea, Dreaming through the dreamy night; Yearning for a strange delight! Will it ever, ever, ever fly to me, By this surging sea, By […]

Clam Digging Parrot

“Aarrr! She’s a buxom beauty. Win the heart of that fair maiden by offering ‘er a stroke of ye parrot!” This evening I was on the dock at Bartlett’s Landing on Mount Desert Island, Maine to enjoy the sunset. The skies finally cleared up after two days of […]

Project 365/203 – Wonderland’s Tide Pools

Wonderland is a unique place to explore during low tide. Carefully walking on the slick and slippery boulders covered in seaweed peering into each new tide pool brings new discoveries. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ On another note I discovered why I was having photo upload issues yesterday. Seems that after a […]

I’m Too Cute

Arriving at the beach at Hobe Sound National Wildlife Refuge this Ruddy Turnstone was running in and out of the surf. A curious lad he was and came rather close to me. He then stopped and posed so that I could capture this shot. This little one winters […]

Project 365 / Day 3

Today was a full day playing with my new Canon 500mm L lens and shooting birds. Even though the horses called me, the lure of the fancy lens hypnotized me. It was a fantastic birding day, with more than six new  birds that I’ve never seen before. With […]