2013 Project 365

Project 365/256 – Don’t Play With Your Food

Along the beach of St. Augustine, a Willet was dodging in and out of the surf looking for dinner. The delicacy of the day are Sand Crabs hidden in the sand. After extensive searching, one was found.



I watched him run around a bit with the crab in his mouth. Probably celebrating the fact that he found a crab.

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But then all of a sudden he dropped the crab!

FL14sep13-9565He just stood there watching the crab crawl around. And then he picked it up and then promptly dropped it again!

After the third round of drop, crawl, pick up and toss game, the Willet picked up the crab again and ran towards the surf.

FL14sep13-9581Where he promptly placed the crab in the water. Taunting in a way, seeing if the crab would break free.

Ending the game, he picked up the crab and with one last fling gulped him down. I swear he was laughing at the end.

FL14sep13-9586 FL14sep13-9578 FL14sep13-9593



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    • Thank you so very much Mike. I must confess, I love these shots, but am unhappy with the sharpness of them. These were taken with the Canon 7D and 70-300mm lens. That lens is really soft.
      But on the other hand, with practice of 3 years, I am getting better with the birds. Appreciate your comment.

  1. I truly love this, Emily. How fortunate you were to witness all that!

    I don’t know what’s going on with my WordPress, but blogs I used to follow have failed to materialised, yours included. I keep ticking boxes and boxes become unticked! I hope I have sorted it out once and for all.

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