2013 Project 365

Project 365/255 – Kid



I stopped by Kinder Farm Park today to scout out a birding route for a bird photography workshop I’m leading on Sunday. This cute little kid was in the middle of a paddock, all alone. So adorable was he, I set my 500mm lens on the fence line to take a shot. Before I could get him into my line of sight, he had walked towards me.

So right towards me, that he stuck his nose right into the lens hood. Oh a million dollars for my iPhone as it was such a kodak moment. I think he was looking for some treats inside my lens.

Spending a little time with him, I decided to speak in goat, and he immediately Baaahhed right back at me. It really doesn’t take much to entertain me. Hope you have a wonderful weekend planned. Bella

Half Out

Half Out

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    • You are truly kind Charlie, and your thoughtful comment is so much appreciated. That’s exactly what I said when I captured the shot. I knew it was a kodak moment. Got to the love the bird photography that has taught me to wait for the moment that makes a difference.

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