2013 Project 365

Project 365/257 – At the Farm

kf22sep13-2902This morning I held my first Bird Photography workshop for the Anne Arundel Bird Club in Kinder Farm Park.

We had twelve participants and it was wonderful spending time with people that have a passion for birding and bird photography and wanting to improve themselves.

It’s funny that there is always one more thing that you think of that you should have said when conducting a presentation. Simple things like having a charged battery, setting your shooting mode for burst shots. Silly things. But the morning was beautiful and we had fun out in the field.

On the way back, I saw these two children spending time with mama goat. How could I miss this kodak moment. Thankfully I was prepared and had brought my Canon G12 so I could capture the scene.

Hope you had a lovely Sunday.

Red Shoulder Hawk Drying himself in the morning sun

Red Shoulder Hawk
Drying himself in the morning sun

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  1. OH the shot of the bird is Beautiful!!! I really want to go birding when I get to old for anything else! I’m going to SAFARI gear it up and take it VERY SERIOUSLY!

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