The Morning Commute at Bass Harbor

Bass Harbor, Maine is a beautiful protected cove on the southwest side of Mount Desert Island. Harbor to many working lobster boats, Bass Harbor is a working man’s harbor.


It is low tide on a foggy morning and the day starts slowly. Seamen stood at the dock chatting and laughing leisurely. A few started out with a short paddle on their dinghy’s towards their office for the day. The Harbor Master joined in the paddle, touring the harbor keeping a close eye on the moored boats.


Harbor Master

Harbor Master

Crabby II and Double Trouble stood awaiting ready to rock and roll on the Maine waters.



Seeing a number of dinghies awaiting on the shore to begin the morning commute, the paddles seemed to call to me to jump in and join the rush-hour traffic.



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    • I was wondering what time they came back with the lobsters and many were just leaving around 7am. I want to be there when the boats are filled with those little critters. I think the harbor master makes sure who is moored there has paid their rent.

  1. And then lastly, there is the lazy guy with the outboard motor. .. Get a pair of oars, would ya?! πŸ˜ƒ

  2. Beautiful! I’m one of those people who went to Maine and immediately thought of moving there. My husband and I still toy with the idea. There’s something so enchanting about it. But I think it will always just be a pipe dream.

    • Maine is truly wonderful in the summer, but the winters desperately harsh. Think twice on it my dear. That’s why we come up and rent a home for a week or two. A lot less expensive than buying something that is used only a few months out of the year.

  3. Oh, Emily, this is just the kind of place we love to visit and poke around in. The are beautiful, beautiful photos that make me smell the salt water and leave me feeling like I know the place well.

    • Have you never been to Acadia? Oh if not, I really hope you make it a point to go there. Acadia National Park and Mount Desert Island is truly a special place and so easy to get around with a free shuttle bus. Thank you so much for your kind words.

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