The Scent of Maine

me14jul14pm-6162 me14jul14pm-6169


How I wish I could make these images Scratch ‘N Sniff for you. Discovering a new trail today that lead me to Long Pond on the quiet side of Mount Desert Island, the forest floor was covered with evergreens. The fresh scent of the balsam firs filled the air and the sounds of the wildlife made a beautiful symphony. The chirr of the little red squirrel, the melodic tweedle tweedle twee of the Swainson’s Thrush. All for me to begin the search to set sights on them.

The trail led to Long Pond a beautiful lake filled with pristine warm waters.


So inviting was the waters my footsteps stumbled across two women and their dog all swimming in the nude. Rather funny, one of them said “Oh..Oops…” And just turned around and went back into the water.

So back out of the forest I went, chuckling at the humor and then thinking that perhaps I should have joined them. It did seem rather glorious to go skinny dipping in this beautiful pond.

me14jul14pm-6182 me14jul14pm-6186

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  1. Beautiful..I love the smell of fresh forests – especially early in the morning. Superb photos – looks a brilliant place for a hike 🙂

  2. Beautiful as always! I love the trail photos. Something about them leading off… You just want to gaze deeper into them.

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