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Meet 6E4 a Piping Plover

Meet 6E4 a Piping Plover that I discovered while laying on the wet sand of the Bolivar Peninsula last week. Whenever I’m observing and photographing a flock of shorebirds, I’m also on the search for those that are wearing jewelry. As those that are wearing jewelry tell a […]

Before it Begins

And there I was. Standing in the middle of the meadow before the sun was to rise. The sky was covered in clouds, with just a little bit of clearing where perhaps the sun would reflect its warming rays upon. The birds were chirping and singing in the […]

On the Road Again

This week I was kindly invited to return again by the Monticello Bird Club for their third annual Bird photography contest. I’m honored that they consider my insight as Judge for the contest worthy for the event. I am thankful for the opportunity to be with them and […]

A Creative Slump

It’s hard to imagine, but even I sometimes have a creative slump. As many of you may know, I am a prolific photographer, always capturing something nearly daily if not with the big camera, than at least with my iPhone. When a new season begins I’m always so […]

An Eastern Shore Adventure

One of my favorite adventures in March is a trip out to Blackwater National Wildlife Refuge and a stop through Cambridge on my way back. There is usually a Bald Eagle festival hosted at the refuge, but due to the government shut down earlier in the year, they […]

At the Fishermen’s Marina

It was the reflections on the water that caught my eye when I stopped at the Kent Island Fishermen’s Marina last week. After my visit getting to know some local fishermen, I walked the marina and reveled in the reflections of the fishing boats in the water. I […]

Watermen of the Chesapeake Bay

This afternoon on my way home from my photography class in Cambridge, Maryland, I decided to stop at the Fishermen’s Marina on Kent Island. It was an overcast day and there was just a slight breeze so I was hoping to capture some nice reflections of the boats […]

Art is All Around

This winter has been holding on strong and there have been a few lovely snow storms that happened during the day. When driving up to Pennsylvania last Friday I drove through expansive farmlands and while I yearned to stop along the road, the conditions weren’t safe to do […]

Snow Geese of Middle Creek WMA 2019

This past weekend I offered my first overnight photography workshop at Middle Creek Wildlife management area in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania. For several years I make the sojourn to Middle Creek to be mesmerized by the enormous flock of migrating Snow Geese. It never ceases to take my breath […]