All about Hoofbeats & Footprints

At the Fishermen’s Marina

It was the reflections on the water that caught my eye when I stopped at the Kent Island Fishermen’s Marina last week. After my visit getting to know some local fishermen, I walked the marina and reveled in the reflections of the fishing boats in the water.

I looked at all the details and the lines along the water’s edge and the mirrored lines were perfect for an abstract approach. I am drawn to abstracts although many of my followers prefer my landscapes and nature captures. But the rust, the uniqueness of each object that has been subjected to the elements speak to me.

All of the boats at the marina are working boats and they were being prepared for the warmer season. There are a variety of tools on these boats depending on what they are harvesting. Whether it be oysters, crabs or fish, each have their own equipment to help with a difficult task.

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As I was quietly walking along there was a curious young Great blue heron that stood on the bow of a boat. A perfect boat ornament.

I look for color, texture, patterns and things that stand out from the others. Like the turquoise blue boat line along the muted tones.

Or the single, solitary crab basket that was waiting to be filled.

It was a wonderful walkabout that wasn’t planned. Sometimes you have to seize the opportunity when it presents itself before you. Of course, having my camera gear in the car helped. Never stop exploring and discovering where ever you are.

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