2013 Project 365

Project 365/214 – Timucua Indians

Located in the Ponce de Leon’s Fountain of Youth Archaelogical Park in St. Augustine, Florida is an example of a Timucua Indian village.

This location was originally inhabited by the Timucua Indians, with archaeological finds dating nearly a thousand years prior to the arrival of the Spanish. Now an extinct tribe, the Timucua Indians were taller than Europeans and were known to live through their 80’s.

This is an accurate replica of a large Timucua family house, known as an Anoti. Inside is found a variety of items that were used by the Timucua Indians in daily living. The top of the roof holds a smoke escape which provides wonderful lighting inside.

When planting an orange grove in 1936, the farmers discovered a large grave site of about 100 skeletons. Realizing this was a large Indian burial ground, a structure was built over the remains and were on display until 1991. At that time, the remains were reburied with a Catholic ceremony presiding.

The park is now listed as the oldest archaeological find in St. Augustine, with knowledge that the Timucua Indians inhabiting the land for 4,000 years.

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  1. Looking at the photos, I would have guessed that they were taken on a south sea island. I suppose that it shouldn’t surprise me that natives in Florida would use the same materials and construction techniques since it is tropical there.

    • Isn’t that the most amazing hut you’ve ever seen. They did it so beautifully. After seeing the birch tree bark teepee that the Maine indians built, the ones in Florida made them so much more substantial. Interesting observation Jerry, thank you so much!

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