2013 Project 365

Project 365/143 – Docked by Rain

untitled shoot-2278-Edit-2

It’s been a cold, windy and rainy day today. But it didn’t stop my friend and I to head over to the Eastern Shore of Maryland to Kent Island

A small island that is crossed by many traveling to the beach and is quickly missed. An island that was completely immersed during Hurricane Isabel in 2003 with boats flung from the high winds onto the roads.Β An island important in history, founded in 1631 and is the third oldest English settlement in the United States.

Because of its location on the Chesapeake Bay. Kent Narrows is a resting point for many Chesapeake Bay watermen. Their boats docked due to foul weather. All the ready to be taken out on a slightly better day. There were still a few brave souls that were seen traveling on the water, fighting the wind and the rain.

Stopping at the marina to capture a few images, the rain was relentless rain drops landing on my lens quickly chasing me back into my warm car.

Alas, as I’ve been doing so much bird photography, and the settings are completely different from my other shooting, I discovered that the 19-point autofocus system is still on the fritz. Another trip to the Canon doctor is in order.

Hope your day was better than mine. Happy Memorial Weekend!

untitled shoot-2279-Edit

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  1. I have a two year no questions asked warranty on my 5DMK2. One of these days I’m going to use it when I throw the thing against the wall for its focus issues. If they ask what happened I’ll say gravity malfunction. πŸ™‚

  2. The weather was not good and the traffic headed to the Eastern Shore was even worse today. But I’m enjoying a warm seat by the campfire now. The weather is going to be better tomorrow. I liked your Kent Island photos.

  3. I love the second photograph, Emily. Glowering clouds, shiny surfaces and that splash of green. Great! Reminds me of too many wet days in Brittany but here today, in Wales as it happens, we have beautiful blue skies and I am looking out at a blue sea where sailboats are having their annual sail across the Bristol Channel from Wales to the Somerset coast in England. Wonderful!!

      • We had snow on New England last night NY had 3 feet and this week will see temps in the 90’s just plain crazy! Yes mowed this place so tomorrow is for FUN πŸ™‚

        Have a wonderful Memorial Day!

  4. Funny you should mention the rain! We were in Versailles last Tuesday and most of my outdoor pictures were spoilt by big raindrops too. I kept wiping the camera lens, but the rain won! It didn’t stop me from trying, though. I shall be blogging about that soon. Hope you had a happy Memorial weekend.

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