2013 Project 365

Project 365/108 – Gainesville’s Wooden Homes

There is a section in Gainesville that was once considered ‘across the railroad tracks’ where clapboard homes were built. In a variety of sizes, shapes and styles, these homes have somehow stood the test of time. In spite of high humidity and lots of rain, some of these homes are still being used 100 years later.

Some of these homes are known as Cracker Style Florida homes.ย These houses were built by early Florida settlers that needed shelter quickly. Using cedar wood which was readily available, these houses included tin roofs and porches to get relief from the unrelenting sun.ย Many of the homes I passed were built in the late 1800’s, early 1900’s. ย Other homes were built in the Victorian style with gingerbread trimming and expansive porches.

In a town that is a college town, the eclectic style of these homes have merged with the uniqueness of the residents in Gainesville.

From small to large homes, these wooden homes continue to provide shelter in a romantic fashion.

The porches provide a quiet and cool resting place from the muggy central Florida days.

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Along my walkabout through this historic area of Florida cracker architecture, a few local citizens greeted me with four legs and fuzzy fur. If you notice, the first cat has his left ear cut. This is from a catch, spay/neuter and release program known as Operation Catnip.

The last little one was reluctant to let me continue on my path. Constantly purring, rubbing against me and walking around my legs preventing me from walking forward. Even the kitty flop stopped me in my tracks.

It was a romantic walk through the past with warm and fuzzies to top it off. Hope you enjoyed these homes as much as I do.

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  1. We love the house photos! We want the orange cat in the middle!
    Hey, we have a cat like him in our the new MaggieMooseTracks’ kid’s book series…. coming soon. It’s at the illustrators now. Amazon.com next!

    • I had to correct the date as that refers to a massacre in a small town called Rosewood to the west of Gainesville. About 26 blacks were killed over a false accusation by a white girl. They made a movie on it. In recent years the US government gave money as compensation for the loss to their descendants.

  2. These are more like heritage homes. The swings on the porch make it so inviting just to laze around and drink lemonade and stroke the cats fur. Purrrrr…..

  3. Great memories for me as an ex-Floridian. I loved my porched-house in Florida! The Midwest has farmhouses that sort-of resemble them. Wild cats and chickens seem to be everywhere in Florida & more concentrated as you go south.

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