But I’m Not Ready !

In reviewing the home page of Hoofbeats & Footprints, my wonderful little calendar countdown caught me by surprise. 16 days left before I leave for Peru. But WAIT…I’m not ready ! After months and months of planning, the date of departure is nearly here, and I feel as if it is arriving too quickly.

So I’m trying not to panic – there are so many details to attend to for this trip, and in particular for my four-day trek on the Inca Trail. I started trying to pack my things that I’ll need on the mountainside, and just with my sleeping bag and mat I already feel like I’m going to have space and weight issues.

So today I began gathering the electronics that I would like to take with me to Peru. The list seems to be getting longer, but I’m doing my best to limit it. It’s pretty hard between the cameras, lenses, memory cards, extra batteries, battery chargers and related accessories. In getting these things together, I went and cleaned out my extra memory cards and found a few surprise photos that I had forgotten I had taken. So here they are for your viewing pleasure. This is like finding money in your pants pocket after doing laundry. Bonus photos !

Following the photos will be the listing of the equipment I plan on taking. Hopefully the whole kit-and-kaboodle won’t weigh too much. Wish me luck!

Canon 7D with 24-105mm L IS USM f/4.0

(just one lens…hope it’s enough ! Maybe my 18-200mm IS USM might make it into the bag, just in case.)

Hoya Circular Polariser Filter

B+W UV Filter

Galen Rowell ND-3 Stop Filter

Canon G12

Canon Powershot SX230 (for my friend’s use)

Drift HD170 Helmet Cam

Sony Vaio Netbook – for onsite photo backups w/320GB

Apple iPhone 4S – to phone home

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  1. Cool video! Is the helmet camera water proof? We’ve been thinking of taking a helmet camera with us when we do Mahoosuc Notch in August.

    Your first video at 2:25 was our first challenge! We are short and couldn’t figure out how to get down from the ledge – glad to see other folks had to think about how to descend.

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