Category: Peru and the Inca Trail

Softly Floating

Softly floating along the water, something left behind. Gentle like the wind, warming like the sun. A memory that brushes across, ever fleeting. ————————– Spending a little time on the dock this afternoon, the air was fairly quiet with birds. But this delicate feather floated by. It provided […]

Weekly Photo Challenge: From Above

So I like climbing up so that I can look down. Whether it’s on horseback, or by footprints, or by boat. The sights seen from above are unparalleled. We should do it more often! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Above all things let us never forget that mankind constitutes one great brotherhood; […]

In Honor of Easter

High in the Andes mountains the glory and memory of the sacrifice Jesus Christ made is celebrated. The Fiesta de las Cruces is celebrated on the 3rd of May each year. Decorated, these crosses are included in parades for all to enjoy. Palms molded into decorative arrangements are […]

Weekly Photo Challenge: Beyond

Joyfully bounding down hill after two hard days of trekking up nearly four thousand feet to reach Dead Woman’s Pass. Little did I realize that beyond the pass was yet another mountain to climb. When I reached the bottom and saw what was next I surrendered and begged […]

Meeting of the Minds

Somehow these two bulls in the Andes Mountains in Peru remind me of our government representatives. With the fiscal cliff impending, it’s like two bulls in a Mexican standoff, hoping the other will back off. Here’s hoping a meeting of minds will occur.