Softly Floating

Softly floating along the water, something left behind.

Gentle like the wind, warming like the sun.

A memory that brushes across, ever fleeting.


Spending a little time on the dock this afternoon, the air was fairly quiet with birds. But this delicate feather floated by. It provided me a capture that I could play with my new favorite software – Topaz Impressions.

Beginning with Lightroom, I adjusted the white balance, clarity and vibrance before moving it over to Photoshop Elements 12. Here I used the content-aware tool to remove all the little specks from the water. Once the image was prepared, as if preparing the canvas for painting, I used the Topaz Impression plug-in.

Selecting one of the liquid lines filters, I then made selective adjustments for the final result above.


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  1. I’ve watched feathers floating like this too, There’s something so peaceful about the way it floats about.

    Having so much fun with Topaz Impressions by the way πŸ˜€ lol

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