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Fennec Fox

During my visit at the National Zoo the other day, we stopped into the Small mammal house and enjoyed the little creatures that sleep throughout the day and party all night long. A pair of Fennec foxes were nestled in the back of their habitat with a dirty […]

Art or Pictures

Recently I came across an old article that talked about the difference between simply taking a picture versus creating art. As a budding digital photographer it is so easy for us to take hundreds of images without thinking twice about it. In fact, for many years I would […]

Barns in Carroll County

Today was a field trip to northern Carroll County, not 20 miles south of Gettysburg, Pennsylvania through the sweeping Maryland farmland. While photography was not the purpose of my trip, sometimes you have to enjoy the journey on the way to your destination. I just couldn’t help myself […]

The Three Sentinels

SENTINELS, by ROSE PARKWOOD Oh line of trees all dark and green Like stately sentinels you stand — God’s mystery to the world you bring, God’s presence to the land! So straight and free, So still and dark, God’s sentinels you stand. Your leafiness makes one forget The […]

The Cottage Garden

I’ll plant and water, sow and weed, Till not an inch of earth shows brown, And take a vow of each small seed To grow to greenness and renown: And then some day you’ll pass my way, See gold and crimson, bell and star, And catch my garden’s […]

Softly Floating

Softly floating along the water, something left behind. Gentle like the wind, warming like the sun. A memory that brushes across, ever fleeting. ————————– Spending a little time on the dock this afternoon, the air was fairly quiet with birds. But this delicate feather floated by. It provided […]

Dressed in Green

  The Hummingbird by Harry Kemp The sunlight speaks.  And it’s voice is a bird: It glitters half-guessed half seen half-heard Above the flower bed. Over the lawn … A flashing dip and it is gone. And all it lends to the eye is this — A sunbeam […]

Into the Woods

CINDERELLA & BAKER] Into the woods, It’s time to go, It may be all In vain, you/I know. Into the woods- But even so, I have to take the journey. [CINDERELLA, BAKER & WIFE] Into the woods, The path is straight, You know it well, But who can […]

Finding Inspiration

I’m not sure if my new addiction to Topaz Impressions is a good thing. All I know is that this plug-in software allows me to be a digital painter like no other software can provide. And I LOVE IT !! Blame it on Denise Ippolito who’s unique art […]